Immune Boosting Gems

Here are some of my top natural supplements to help you ride out the winter bugs of 2020. Each of these has been carefully selected by me to work with immense power and efficacy on the harshest of baddies.

(1) Nano Minerals are a truly groundbreaking leap for the way the human body can absorb basic minerals. When basic minerals like magnesium, iron and zinc are offered to the body at nano particulate size their absorbency goes through the roof.

They’re not cheap but, take it from me, they’re a whole lot of a better deal than lesser prices pills which you either won’t absorb or which will irritate the mucosal lining of your gut.

(2) Marine Phytoplankton powder is another one which once you’ve started taking you won’t live without. It’s a clean, green powder based on the aquatic single celled plant beloved of whales. But of course they don’t harvest it from the ocean but grow it in internal greenhouses known as bioreactors within long pieces of glass tubing. The end result is about as nutritious as any substance on earth, I like the one from Plankton for Health above all.

(3) If you’re a fish oil lover but you’ve had the wind taken out of your sales by thoughts of heavy metals in the water, overfishing and microplastics well don’t worry. You can now get your long chain essential fatty acids from a vegan source: algae supplements. I use Microalgae Supplements as a place where the right brands are chosen with ethical considerations in mind, and where they ship fast and efficiently.